Student essays and teacher pleasers

What can a people-pleaser do to rid themselves of their fears of being rejected, and stand by their principles? The Torah was acutely aware of the fear of rejection and isolation, and addressed it at the very beginning of the Shulchan Aruch. The Shulchan Aruch is the authentic four volume guidebook that lays out the details of how to conduct oneself based on Torah principles. It begins this way to hint to the fact that all 4 volumes of The Shulchan Aruch are dependent on this instruction.

How does one fulfill this axiomatic Torah mandate?

Especially for a people-pleaser, it seems easier said than done. Most people overcome moral dilemmas when they know someone or a group of people are supporting them. The Shulchan Aruch teaches us that if one meditates on the fact that G-d is always with them, they will be much more confident about overcoming any challenges; they will be cognizant of that fact that they have an unlimited amount of support from the Source of All Life which is G-d when they face adversity.

Through this meditation, one can be freed of their fear of isolation and rejection, because they know G-d will never abandon them [24]. Based on the above, one can now draw their own personal M.

Student essays and teacher pleasers

Make an honest accounting. After you make an honest accounting, adopt a healthy course of action in the order prescribed below. Check off which needs are being met and which require attention. Use the Shulchan Aruch as a guide, which instructs us to give a minimum of one-tenth or a maximum one-fifth of our salaries. Learn the end of Chapter 34 of Tanya, which explains the spiritual significance of the latter type of giving [25].

Use this as a springboard for others areas of your life where your generosity is overextended. Listen periodically throughout the day to temper your people-pleasing tendencies. After making a course of action, move to step P , which will prepare you for the times the M and A sections of your M. In the mornings, study chapter 33 of Tanya to understand how G-d never abandons you, and is with you in your attempts to do the right thing [26].

A healthy tree is always growing, and it produces good fruits. These fruits have seeds to produce more trees like it. The life-lesson here is that a person should always be growing and adding positivity to their life [28]. By following your personal M.

Thought for Consideration: Think of how saying no to others asking you for favors can be beneficial. Ishmael-Unhealthy Chesed Isaac successfully integrated measured giving into his life. A Foundation for Life Because of their fear of rejection, People-pleasers could end up compromising on their core principles so people will like them. Draw a M. After you make an honest accounting, adopt a healthy course of action in the order prescribed below A ctions: 1 Make a list of what you need for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Final thought: Be A Tree!

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The Disease to Please by Dr. Harriet B.

Essay Teacher-Student Relationships

Braiker has a helpful survey to determine how much of a people-pleaser an individual may be. See Likkutei Torah Eikev 18a.

Torah Ohr Beshalach 63b. Instead, I began to come in early—even as early as 6 AM— to mark and leave right at the bell. Murphy has a gift for being not only honest but funny. Teach Like a Cat also by Paul Murphy. In the teaching world, where so many of us are givers, people-pleasers, and even codependents, the idea of teaching like a cat is revolutionary. His book Leave School at School also helped me put the concept into practice.

This post is a must-read for me any time I feel disillusioned or inching to burnout. Be smart. Keep the activities that are exceptional, and toss out the rest. Say no to perfection and over-achieving constantly, and say yes to the fun events going on during non-contractual hours with your friends and family. Also, learn what extra duties to take on, and which ones to say no to. I know you want to be involved in your district. Who hate everything about Drama Club?

What’s the Difference Between Gifted and Advanced?

Learn to say yes to only the things that ignite you, too. I keep seeing this post floating around the internet that says that teachers make more split-second decisions in one day than brain surgeons. Teachers make magic during the school day, changing the lives of so many students every year. And each year, those same teachers get a new cohort, and work their magic again. Kids are learning, growing, heading towards their own futures, all because of the work that teachers put in to guide them on their path. It is no easy feat, treading the line between teacher and mentor, yet we all do so to the best of our ability.

Learn to whole-heartedly accept that at the end of the day, you were enough. This does not mean that you should give every ounce of your energy to your job so that you return home at night too emotionally-vacant to be an exceptional person, spouse, parent or relative.

I spent a few weeks this year giving all of my emotional energy to a rowdy group of seniors, and then would come home with zero patience when my puppy acted like… well… a puppy. One night I yelled at her when she was asking for attention, and she just stared at me with those pitiful, beautiful eyes of hers.

I knew in that moment that I needed to stop giving so much of myself at work, so I could give more of myself to the ones I loved. Sacrificing everything you have for your job does not make you a superhero. It makes you tired, and unfulfilled in the other aspects of your life. Close your classroom door each day with a smile on your face, take a deep breath, and know that you make a difference… especially when you work within your contractual hours. Education is not a sprint, it is a marathon, and if you plan to stay within the profession for longer than a few years, you will need to treat each day as such.

You may want to identify where you are feeling the heaviest amount of expectation, and make moves to ease that pressure.

1. The Expectations

Some teachers were receiving emails from parents that had them feeling cornered. Send out a newsletter to parents that updates them on what is going on in your classroom, and subtly include a nice box at the bottom that states your new office hours, which is the ONLY time that you respond to emails. Purposefully make your office hours every other day, so that you have a grace-period to 1. Cool down if the parent was rude 2. Do any research or seek guidance from admin over a difficult situation 3. At first, parents may be upset. However, when they see that you are keeping a reasonable attitude, expecting them to remain professional as well, and holding firm to your own hours, they will come around.

Sometimes, we teachers need to also have high expectations of parents when it comes to professional discourse and respecting our own time. Delete, delete, delete. Parents who are judgmental in any way of your private time, delete them from your account. In fact, unless a parent is a close, family friend, I would delete all parents from your social media. Look, I know you want to have community ties and to develop relationship with parents.

In fact, it is asking for some trouble. If you are experiencing expectations from social media peeping… start to thin the herd. This is one that teachers experience quite often and one that must be handled professionally.

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  5. Whether it is by your Superintendent or your Principal, it can be intimidating. Our administration do not know about the secret fire in our heart to lead the Debate Team, or start a Book Club. They also may not know that you cannot take on an extra duty because of something going on in your personal life. A great admin will understand and be thankful that they now have further insight into who you are as a person. Category: Education , Expectations , Teacher-Life Balance Tags: administration expectations , overcoming expectations for teachers , parent expectations , teacher , teacher expectations.

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