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View Cart. Your Own Personal Teacher From the Comfort of Home. This particular video focuses on negation and comparison. Understanding the two errors discussed in this video, and how to correct them, will help you with this type of question. You'll learn the same key subject matter you would in our live classes, as well as strategies for success on the various multiple choice and written response question types you can expect on the exam.

The probability of an event is the number of qualifying outcomes divided by the number of possible outcomes. A number expressed in scientific notation is a single digit followed by a decimal and the digits that come after the decimal multiplied by 10 with an exponent. There are no essays or short-answer portions on the Praxis reading section of the exam. Every question is multiple-choice and asks you about a brief passage, a longer passage, a pair of passages, or a chart or graph. Here are some hints for doing your best:.

Always read the whole passage before you look at the question and the answer choices. The Praxis writing section is mainly multiple-choice questions about grammar rules, plus some more multiple-choice questions about passage-editing and research skills before the two brief essays at the end. Here are some pointers to help you do well on the multiple-choice questions:.

Watch out for comma splices.

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Remember to keep your eyes peeled for capitalization errors. Unlike most other standardized tests for older students, the Praxis does include questions involving capitalization rules. Research questions can usually be answered with common sense, even if your academic background is not that strong.

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The Praxis writing test closes with a pair of essays, and you have half an hour to write each one. The second is a source-based essay that is graded more on how efficiently and clearly you incorporate and cite source materials. I don't know how hard that is compared to praxis core.

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Aug 18, I should add, I test better on paper then I do on a computer. Aug 19, I wish they would at least break down the essay and tell you what part you need work on, I'm sure it's everything, but think they should let me know. Is it punctuation, sentence structure or whatever?

I got 12 out of 24, I know that much.

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I got 11 out of 24 last time. On the mc part 20 out of 34, 16 out of 34 the first time. Joined: Aug 25, Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0. Aug 25, Lets see if anyone can figure this one out for me. I have passed all parts, beside the writing so far. I seem to be having trouble- let me explain. The first time I got a , obviously not passing. I got 16 on the multiple choice and 14 on my essay. The second time i got , still not passing. Increasing on my multiple choice with 18 and 14 on my essay again.

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Now i just took the test again and recieved a again. BUT this time i got 20 on my multiple choice and 14 on my essay. Why did my score not go up this time? I know there can be mistakes but unsure if its a mistake or not. Wondering if anyone has answers to my problem before i call on monday as i have to wait a few days and this will drive me insaneeee!!!

Someone help. I mean if my acore went up six points just going up 2 on my multiple choice. It should of went up once again. Thanks all! Erinnlovex3 , Aug 25, Aug 26, I fail to understand how they do things. I just got 20 on MC and 12 on essay and that equaled For the money we pay, they should give us more feedback. Joined: Sep 14, Messages: 6 Likes Received: 2.

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Sep 14, I just took the core skills test today! From the screen I knew i passed math and reading I think I did horrible on essay writing. Any suggestion for how to improve the writing skills?

I will be a foreign language teacher. Thank you in advance! CarolWang , Sep 14, TeacherGroupie , Sep 15, CarolWang , Sep 17, CarolWang , Sep 22, Sep 23, Congratulations, CarolWang!

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TeacherGroupie , Sep 23, Dec 26, I'm registered to take the praxis writing for the third and hopefully final time on the 30th. Waiting the two weeks for a grade will kill me. Joined: Jun 27, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 1,